Resources to help you innovate and connect



How Small Businesses Can Engage Their Communities [AllBusiness]
Great suggestions, including volunteering, becoming a community board member, and working with other business owners on projects

How to Network Like a Pro [HubSpot]
Networking is an unparalleled skill for entrepreneurs—here’s how to do it right

How to Network on Twitter [SBN]
You can build a lot of relationships in just 140 characters

How to Network on Facebook [SBN]
Facebook is gradually adding more career-oriented features



What Are Your Health Care Obligations [SBN]
Good introduction to the Affordable Care Act

What Are the New Overtime Rules [SBN]
Specifies how will new changes impact your business

How Do You Get A High Business Credit Score [SBN]
A good score is a foundation for financial success

How Can Entrepreneurs Save Time and Be Productive [SBN]
Simple but effective tips



How To Keep Up-To-Date on Business News [Marketplace]
The Marketplace business news show is available as a podcast, and it’s well worth twenty minutes of your day

How To Keep Up-To-Date on Silicon Valley [Andreessen Horowitz]
The a16z podcast covers a wide range of business topics and is a great place to learn about trends and technologies that may impact your business

How to Keep Up-To-Date on Innovation [USCC]
Free Enterprise highlights trend-setting American businesses and startups that are solving some of the world’s greatest challenges

What Business Personalities Should You Follow On Twitter? [Entrepreneur]
Twitter is a great place to discover other entrepreneurs and learn from their knowledge, wisdom, and experience