The best resources available to help you scale, pivot, and sell.



How to Scale Your Business [Entrepreneur]
Some useful tips and suggestions

How to Increase Your Growth  [Inc.]
Identifies best practices and potential hazards

How to Manage Your Growth [FastCompany]
How to avoid the pratfalls of rapid growth

How to Expand Your Customer Base [Sage]
Basic advice for adding customers

How to Use Analytics to Expand Your Customer Base [GreenBook]
More advanced analysis, including explanations of churn rate and customer segmentation



When Is It Time To Pivot Your Business? [Strategyzer]
Red flag situations to watch out for

How To Pivot Your Business [Forbes]
Basic answers to when and how you should pivot

How To Pivot Your Business To Kickstart Growth [Entrepreneur]
Pivots every early startup should contemplate during their early growth period

What is it Like to Pivot a Startup? [FastCompany]
Good nuts-and-bolts explanation of how the pivoting process actually works



Is It Time To Take Your Business Public? [Entrepreneur]
Things to think over before you decide to debut your company on Wall Street

Is a Direct Public Offering a Good Option For Your Business? [QuickBooks]
Discusses direct public offerings as an alternative to initial public offerings

How to Sell Your Business [SBA]
Checklist of items that should be addressed in a sales agreement

How to Sell Your Startup [Justin Kan]
Step-by-step guide from a veteran entrepreneur