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KPC + Friends

Investing time in getting to know clients and building relationships with them allow me to provide a positive experience. Let’s find out if we’re a match?!

Here are some of the most popular reasons why my clients and I work well together! We’re comfortable with being ourselves. Genuine conversations are our favorite kind. We’re easy-going, kind and down-to-earth. Smiles, laughter and corny jokes are always welcomed. We celebrate the little things in life. Authenticity is a big part of our friendship. We’re flexible and spontaneous. The outdoors is one of our favorite places to be. We believe that photography services go beyond photos; it’s an experience to be had and that they’re investments in heirlooms and legacies to be cherished and passed on for generations. It’s possible we may have a lot in common already (find out more on the About me page)!

Creative Vision, Approach, Style

My creative vision is a photojournalistic approach with an artistic spirit to capturing lifestyles – authentic of the people, sentimental of the moments and heartfelt of the emotions captured.

I love to document people living life in the moment, candidly as things occur, spontaneously and organically. Clients trust my creative vision and that allows them to be present, relax and have fun making new memories!

Clients can count on my professionalism and discretion, feel completely comfortable and free to be themselves and know that I’ll be their friend and supporter every step of the way.

Approximately 80-90% of my work is photojournalistic while approximately 10-20% is portrait/posed (gentle guidance is provided).

Much of my photography work is done in natural light, giving a soft, joyous and light feel. For settings with low-lighting, I’ll mix photographing with and without artificial lighting.


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